Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gamers have heart too.

"Gamers have heart too"

     Hello all Nexians and non Nexians, I will forgo this weeks rant on games, industry, and general craziness for a little bit of reality at hand. I could have easily made this my first post on my semi-professional site but felt sharing it with you all who are such a great group of people was much more appropriate. It snuck up on me as it usually does but Sept. 11th is upon us again. Now I won't go into a 40 paragraph retelling and say alot of the typical things that are important yes but already said many times over. I will simply state that while it was a trying event we have bounced back as always we do no matter the problem.
      What I wanna talk about is why it matters to me, I don't have family involved, I knew absolutely zero directly impacted or even in the entire state of New York. I'm not super patriotic, I admire the military and anyone who has served but I can't say I attend parades or events to be perfectly honest. Now every year I tend to do something different, I've written poems, did art, signed virtual cards, even something simple like making  an in game character for 24 hours red white and blue in their outfit. 
       It's natural that now as I am blogging regularly this is a logical next step in my annual rememberance of this day. My story is like many,but maybe with a tiny slight twist making me not only remember that day and year but an edge of a happy memory as well. It start as I woke up to the dj on the radio talking about the first plane crash. Now I listened to a comedic morning show so hearing that my first thought was "Weird Joke dudes".I honestly thought it a morning show sketch,I meandered around the house,turned on the computer and sat down. I then turned on the tv and saw the news reports saying a second plane had hit.
       Now I'm not one to start freaking out and thinking the worst but I began wondering what could drop 2 planes out of the sky like that. Now I had gotten online and messaged who is now my wife(we had only spoke online and the phone at that point) and we watched together and discussed it. As the towers finally fell it was the first time I actually wrote a poem, oh I had for classes and such but those were forced assignments and never meant a thing. This was different and kind of a turning point in how I looked at writing. 
      Now while all of that was dark and dismal across the country as I stated this is when I was first really talking to my  future wife, it was nice having someone/anyone to talk to about what was going on, later that year was when we finally met face to face and decided I would be moving to where I have now lived for 12 years. So while it was a rough time I think alot of healing has happened for the country, as for me I focus on the good often so that year had a terrible event but an amazing beginning for my current happy life. 
        I will say -hugs- to those affected though and thoughts for you and yours as many gamers have expressed across the net over the years, we may not all game but we all have the same emotions. Be excellent to each other!

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