Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nexus Newzflash in 2017!!!

It's 2017 Cupcakes!!!

A New year of fun and dangerous exploits all across Nexus! Ages ago (well a couple years) Nexus Newzflash kept people up to date with all kinds of information across Nexus and beyond (This is where normally i'd say FOR MONEY) and now a new studio has been built, a few select individuals on Nexus have been hired and Newzflash returns in 2017 Soon all the real and maybe some "exaggerated" aspects lol but isn't that the Cassian way...sorry had to.:)

So most 2nd and 4th Wildstar Wednesday tune into both https://www.youtube.com/mrzilvis78
https://vid.me/The_Z_Files for all your informative and most importantly silly Newz!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello, hello new players and old to Nexus and all those wild stars above to behold!
WildStar has been revamped and I for one am quite glad,
and this new change I can see no real bad!
So grab yourself a drink-maybe a snack or two,
and check out what Mr. Z has in store for you!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

RESURRECTION DAY! Protostartopia returns soon!


Greetings and Salutations! It's nice to say that again, I am -Z- as some know me, others Zil or Zilvis is fine. Being that I'm playing Wildstar quite regularly again plus starting some weekly WZW(Wild Z Wednesday) on my you tube channel found here https://www.youtube.com/user/MrZilvis78 the blog is BACK! Yeah, glad this don't have autocorrect or that phrase could go totally wrong. :) Anywho, what can be expected on Protostartopia 2.0 as i get back in, art of course, updates based around the game maybe and my channel and such. Any new WildStar related items appearing soon in my Etsy shop, regular articles talking about my opinions on each class, race, aspect of the game. Finally I may dive back into the community and see who's still out there by once again posting my Sunday Sit down series, interviews with the best and brightest in the community. All this and chips! OK maybe not chips but Granok beer for those old enough might be supplied...if that Chua can find some more that fell off the back of a truck...hmm...but until then keep your feet on Nexus, may your tail wave true, and keep your gears oiled, whomever those apply to guys....things are gonna get wild yes but more importantly things are about to get real!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

WS art fun: Chua Strain & Sa-sa-Sabotage!

Did a couple art pieces recently,finally got the issues worked out and here they are, first up is an unfortunate Chua who stumbled upon the strain....oh dear.

Second is what I first thought of when I heard about the Sabotage PvP in WS, lol

Enjoy all, might do up some colored ones soon :)

MegaServers are a go! Sir Yes Sir!

      Hey all Z here, I won't make this some long drawn out debate on whether mega server news for WildStar is good or bad, simply my quick opinion as a long time MMO player and having seen both versions of individual servers versus mega server situations. 
       I have been in super busy servers in games, low population servers, and nearly dead servers. This isn't a case of "What's best for Carbine or WildStar?" It's what's best for the players. Now It's no shock to gamers like myself who have been dragged through the MMO mud of dodgy server issues, servers suddenly going from strong and dominant to empty and lackluster. Going the mega server route early and in a open and obviously planned way is smart I'd say.  I spent the better part of five years on a low pop server in a former MMO, I heard the argument often "Why not transfer?" There's many answers in the end but joining a  certain server usually is for friends,or at least people you prefer to play alongside. Going the alt route of course is an option and I have done such things but my main is my main and often what I play ninety percent of the time.
     The argument against mega servers can be sometimes harsh but things like increased lag or stability issues are often brought up. Now I can say this because for over seven years I online game played on horrible laptop after horrible laptop, settings often on low and still dealing with sub-par game play, I understand believe me that buying  a gaming pc can be a tough decision, but all those years even though it was annoying and I casually would let people know I dealt with it and when I could I got a  decent rig,so if you want to play bad enough no lag or issues will make you complain,if it's a horrible experience move down a step to something you can play,it's fairly simple in the end. So wrapping up am i happy with the news..yes...I may not be on a ton, I may not raid, I am bad at PvP (we all know this) BUT those that need more friends/comrades/people to gank..lol..can get them with Megas, so all the cupcakes this side and that side of Nexus welcome the change, embrace it, and just play the game guys. We all love the community, the company, and the game so let's show our support and go telegraph up these megas into a giant flashing ball of fun!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

-Z- VLOG for 6-22-2014 Updates!!!

Hey all Z is back to vids and game randomness! Just a quick update on my channel and why I was gone, sorry for the audio,mic is so-so but I am actually getting some Turtle Beach's soon! Should help with the livestreaming I hope, everyone have a great Sunday!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Z's WildStar Characters(server/names info)

Hey all,Here's my server and toon name info, feel free to add me if you wish or message me here or on twitter if you want my email to add me to the master list that's cool too,hope your having fun with WildStar all!