Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nexus Newzflash in 2017!!!

It's 2017 Cupcakes!!!

A New year of fun and dangerous exploits all across Nexus! Ages ago (well a couple years) Nexus Newzflash kept people up to date with all kinds of information across Nexus and beyond (This is where normally i'd say FOR MONEY) and now a new studio has been built, a few select individuals on Nexus have been hired and Newzflash returns in 2017 Soon all the real and maybe some "exaggerated" aspects lol but isn't that the Cassian way...sorry had to.:)

So most 2nd and 4th Wildstar Wednesday tune into both https://www.youtube.com/mrzilvis78
https://vid.me/The_Z_Files for all your informative and most importantly silly Newz!

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