Saturday, September 6, 2014

MegaServers are a go! Sir Yes Sir!

      Hey all Z here, I won't make this some long drawn out debate on whether mega server news for WildStar is good or bad, simply my quick opinion as a long time MMO player and having seen both versions of individual servers versus mega server situations. 
       I have been in super busy servers in games, low population servers, and nearly dead servers. This isn't a case of "What's best for Carbine or WildStar?" It's what's best for the players. Now It's no shock to gamers like myself who have been dragged through the MMO mud of dodgy server issues, servers suddenly going from strong and dominant to empty and lackluster. Going the mega server route early and in a open and obviously planned way is smart I'd say.  I spent the better part of five years on a low pop server in a former MMO, I heard the argument often "Why not transfer?" There's many answers in the end but joining a  certain server usually is for friends,or at least people you prefer to play alongside. Going the alt route of course is an option and I have done such things but my main is my main and often what I play ninety percent of the time.
     The argument against mega servers can be sometimes harsh but things like increased lag or stability issues are often brought up. Now I can say this because for over seven years I online game played on horrible laptop after horrible laptop, settings often on low and still dealing with sub-par game play, I understand believe me that buying  a gaming pc can be a tough decision, but all those years even though it was annoying and I casually would let people know I dealt with it and when I could I got a  decent rig,so if you want to play bad enough no lag or issues will make you complain,if it's a horrible experience move down a step to something you can play,it's fairly simple in the end. So wrapping up am i happy with the news..yes...I may not be on a ton, I may not raid, I am bad at PvP (we all know this) BUT those that need more friends/comrades/people to get them with Megas, so all the cupcakes this side and that side of Nexus welcome the change, embrace it, and just play the game guys. We all love the community, the company, and the game so let's show our support and go telegraph up these megas into a giant flashing ball of fun!

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