Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Sitdown with Zeebo!

Zee to the bo!”

Hello Exiles and Dominion of the planet Nexus and beyond! My name is Zilvis. This is my end of the week community spotlight that I’ll be doing each and every week to delve a little more into who a certain member of the WildStar community is, learn the what and why of their choice to migrate to Nexus, and maybe some surprises along the way. The way I looked at it we're all community bound like brothers and sisters in this game of WildStar. Why not get to know someone a bit better? Once again welcome, sit back, and prepare to meet this week's community member, Zeebo. Welcome to Sunday Sit down.
 I’ll let you write a little introduction. 
If you have other monikers some may know you by, feel free to throw them out there. Mainly just tell  where people can find you online and any background you'd like to share we might not know.

It wasn’t me I swear!! Oh wait hey there, Zil I was just umm, ya know what just never mind that. The screams shouldn’t be too bothersome. Anywhatsits I’m super excited to be here, I am Zeebo, known in some cultures as “he who drinks too many beers” I can generally be found on Twitter (@ZeeboWS) or hanging out in the WildStar IRC.

Question 1:As this is a WildStar themed project, we'll get those underway first. As most of us at one time or another have asked ourselves, what is WildStar?

Hopefully it’s going to be my new MMO home for a while.

Question 2: What is one thing in the game your most hoping to be perfectly done, whether because it's needed or just something for your experience specifically?

Housing! I absolutely love housing! I’m not sure why, ever since my first house in EverQuest 2 I’ve loved it. I shall spend many late, drunken nights rearranging my house on Nexus and then complain about it the next morning.

Question 3: I did a blog post discussing maybe why someone might pick one race over another in WildStar. What race do you think you identify with and why, even if it won't necessarily be your main?

Most definitely Chua, not because I’m short or intelligent, but because I’m adorable and possibly a psychopath.

Question 4: I'm sure everyone has their WildStar moment, as I call it, that quintessential thing that cinched in your decision on the game.

It was a cold, possibly warm night in March possibly April of 2013. I was sitting at work reading through the WoW forums and came to a thread about player housing and inside was a link! Upon clicking the link I see it is titled Dev speak Housing, or something and once I finished the words “You must play this game” rang from the heavens.

Question 5: What aspect of WildStar are you most excited about and feel you'll spend the most time on such as Questing-Housing-PVP?

Quest-house-pvping. I enjoy it all to me the best part of an MMO is just running around chillin with friends, meeting new friends and being crazy in another world.

Question 6: Out of everyone from Carbine that you've interacted with, who has surprised you the most for one thing or another by what you have seen that they have said or done so far?

The biggest surprise to me, other than how much they interact with us, would be when the first beta patch notes were leaked and they decided to go ahead officially release them and hold a Q & A on the WildStar Central forums.

Question 7: If you were given the power to either alter the game in some way or add something to it that has not been mentioned or rumored, what would it be and why?

I would add a giant Chua by the name of Zeebo on his own little island, every time you try to interact with him you are forced to kneel and praise him as a dozen Stemdragons feed on you as sacrifice to the Almighty Zeebo.
Question 8: What is the one thing you want Carbine on a personal level or business level to know that you yourself have enjoyed from them?

I love you
Ker Blam,

OK, that's it for the cross section on WildStar Q's. Next is a few Q's to get to know Zeebo a bit better besides his amazing exploits across Nexus!

Question 9: Zee, Your in irc chat often. Has that and other game chat rooms always been a thing?

Not really, this is the first time I’ve really tried to get involved and meet people in a game community. The WildStar community just seemed so welcoming that I decided to dive on in.

Question 10: How long have you been gaming and what are your top 3 moments you'd say you remember in your own personal gaming history?

Forever, I can’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t gaming in some way. My top moment would definitely be playing Donkey Kong and the N64 with my little brother and every ten minutes we’d get in a huge fist fight over whose turn it was to play next. Then there’s the first time I played an MMO when I logged into Everquest on my first character some dude told me to follow him, so of course I did and he took me to this place where my cousin was. Him and my cousin just sat off to the side chatting while I killed undead orcs like two parents watching a kid at the playground. Last would definitely be my first house in Everquest 2 I spent hours getting it perfect before deciding I didn’t like it at all and changing it completely.

Question 11: Besides Gaming and Music do you have any other interests or hobbies you find fun?

Well I do quite enjoying going out and shooting for a couple hours and camping.

Question 12: If there was one place in the world you could live where would it be and why?

Anywhere really, it doesn’t matter much to me where I live it’s all about the people I can surround myself with. But if I had to choose one place I’d go back to Virginia Beach, I was only stationed over there for a couple months but I absolutely loved it.

Question 13: Are there any hidden talents or trade skills you'd like to share? Is there something new you'd like to learn?

I’m pretty amazing at card tricks if I do say so myself. Quite often I’ve imagined I’d learn to play the guitar someday but that’s never going to happen.

Question 14: Simple one now I promise. Do you have any pets? If you could have any real or made up pet, what would it be?

I do! His name is Buddy and he’s a little small dog thing. If I could have any pet though it would have to be a dragon, because dragons.

Question 15: Finally, If there were one person living or dead, real or fake that you could sit down and have a long discussion with, who would it be and why?

The Doctor, no explanation that’s needed. :P 

Alrighty Zeebo sir, I hope that wasn't too painful for you. I appreciate you being the first guest for the Sunday Sit down. Now, I’ll let you have free reign. If there's anything else not asked here that you'd like to get out there that you think would be interesting for us to know, feel free to share. Things like plugs for your twitter or anything, and of course feel free to give shout outs of any kind!

Thanks for the opportunity Zil! I’ll have you know this was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. Big shout out to Dualist (@DualistWS) he’s gotta be one of the coolest guys I know. Ker Blam

That's it Folks. Everything you'd want to know about Zeebo and hopefully more! I thank him again for putting up with me as well as you the reader. Each and every week we will have a new and fascinating community member to learn about and see what really does make the WildStar community tick inside and out. Feel free to contact me anytime on twitter @zilvis78, comment below, or if you bump into me on the interwebs say hi!

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