Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Final Beta weekend plans, what are yours?

Hey Nexians, Z here and I wanted to write up a quick run down on my plans from May 2nd-the 4th for the final WildStar beta weekend before early access on the 31st(SOOOO CLOSE!) and a tease of sorts of a secret project I will be doing over the weekend and released sometime next week. OK so I did not race my betas to high levels,we know this. Even if I had tried(which I did not) me+leveling fast is a rare thing. Despite that I believe I have experienced more then enough of the content to say the game is freaking awesome! 
      Alright maybe not the most eloquent summary but it's true, from questing to pvp to dungeons and even crafting it flows and makes things fun and entertaining. Is there anything I haven't done at the 1-22 honestly lol but for this weekend I plan to fill my beta screenshots folder up with everything Nexus,maybe glitches if I can fin them hah! As well as a bit more pvp and try a dungeon again,er attempt at least? So besides that there's my previous mentioned secret of sorts. It will involve a rather long WildStar you tube vid, as well as a brief important bit of audio in the beginning,should be fun and a good way to finish beta after this year long WildStar community fest lol. If you want please comment below and let me know your last beta plans and how you wanna finish your beta experience.:)

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