Wednesday, June 19, 2013


     Deception, we all know what it means and how it feels to be deceived I would think. The crushing vise-like grip that can overwhelm you when something not only hurts you but shocks you in realizing how oblivious you really are to the world. Yea kinda a downer huh? Seriously though this can apply to many things and yes even the game industry as well. We got an interesting case of "This has to be done like this." and then "We will not be doing this now." with Microsoft and the X-box One. I'm not getting into a long spiel on this subject because it's not a thing I really care about to be honest. It's just an example of how you can be lied to hate the idea and then have someone say "Oh you don't like that well we don't HAVE to do it?" 
     This has happened alot  over the years in video games and the industry as a whole, people are becoming jaded and desensitized to practices perhaps not  warranted. Console games have long had issues with setting a specific release date way in advance and then at the last minute (in some cases within a week) changing the release date with little to no explanation. When this first started I saw such a outcry it was crazy, now I'm calm and level headed so I've never freaked out in this instance but know many who have and it truly would bother them. Flash forward a few years and the same people were like. "Oh it's likely not coming out even close to that date." You think being calm and realistic about this is OK but it is not, it gives more and more fuel for people to string people along for random reasons. In the sense of MMO's I've found this to be highly commonplace over the past 7 years. Things mentioned, in patch notes, on forums, articles, at cons, and least of which printed on the actual box in bold print "We have this feature." 
     So I understand mistakes happen and everyone is allowed some mistakes sure but a repeat  of destructive behavior is..well...destructive. I'm not talking about the minority who lives and dies by MMO's and that's fine guys have your fun too but everyone is affected when a lie is put forth and while they often will say "This feature is not ready." or "We felt it was not right at this time." those are NOT apologies. It's rare if ever a mistake-deception is acknowledge in a way that makes the community feel better or like the company actually cared. I want to make something clear here as well handing me a shiny little do-dad or a couple potions is not the same as saying "Hey guys we screwed up we know we should have did this different but this and this happened." 
     So being this is Wildstar related why bring this up..besides the Xbox drama...well this falls in line with how I've stated that Carbine continually impresses me in communication, information distributing, and community interaction. I am in no way stating in my opinion I'm expecting mistakes, flubs, typos, or misrepresentations to occur with the game but and this is a hope only that if say something truly is not ready and I mean there's NO way it'll end up in that phase of the game just say it, no string alongs, no "we're working on it" if it's not ready, anticipation can be a mental killer and sometimes people live and breath these games. Take away things like hope, confidence, and trust and what your left with are shells of good people , gamers, and community that can devolve into a deep dark place full of things that live under bridges and eat a Rowsdower with honesty!

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