Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Infinity and...Back! (Almost knew what i was gonna say there didn't you?)

     For the first of many posts here at Protostartopia I would be remiss if I didn't talk a bit about the fine people working on this game. I have been a gamer a really long time and an MMO gamer for close to 7 years and one thing I am if nothing else is a researcher. When I started playing my first MMO (WoW) I 
maybe did something not many ever have, I began reading about the developers and trying to find who was making the game I was enjoying. Flash forward a few years and while limited interviews and such shed a little light it seemed still closed off a bit and stuffy. The same could be said for many MMO's since. A year or so ago I came across Wildstar, at that time a video and beta sign up was all there was but I did find where the core people came from that formed carbine and it intrigued me so I made sure to sign up and bookmark the site, I popped in occasionally to see if there was any changes. Then a  few months ago and BOOM as a wise man likes to say they opened the floodgates. With each and every video and interview and interaction I came across I began seeing how not only do these developers care about there game(which always matters) but they know how to interact with their fans. Doing more interviews then i've ever seen, using social media not just as internal conversation but talking to everyone about everything, and even appearing on fansite podcasts has made me appreciate and admire these folks each and every day. It's no secret to anyone who knows me from forums and chats and twitter(maybe too much twitter) i'm unabashedly in for this game and  while the game will be amazing it's the Carbine folks who have sealed the deal for this gamer. Thanks guys and always keep being who you are!

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