Monday, June 17, 2013

Dem Feels....

     Hey Folks, this topic I don't write about much or have alot of interactive conversations about really but it's things that pop up in side chats and joked and not fully explored. What i'm talking about is Emotions in gaming and a gaming community. Ok whoa whoa whoa don't run off calling me Stuart Smally (yes horrible reference but only silly one I can think of atm) or a carebear or whatever negative word you wanna use. it's not about being "in touch with your feminine side" or a wuss but if your a gamer there's always something that invokes a reaction in you. Now i'm not saying "All gamers have had a tear up or deep emotional moment in some game or another" Maybe your one of those cold people who goes through life reacting to nothing who knows? For the rest of you gaming can sometimes encapsulate you, shielding you in a bubble of warmth and happiness not many things can. We tend to dive into a world, begin caring about characters, and waiting on edge to see what happens when we down a boss. 
     There's been many moments i've had I could share like the first time I found out about warp zones in Super mario(accidently on my own)and even though I was admittingly like 7 it was so cool to find something on my own. On a deeper notes are games like Final Fantasy, 7 and 10 in particular had moments that made me feel actual sympathy for the characters, kinda strange but it happens. As for music there's many but kingdom hearts music to me was so well done it was the only time up to that point I wanted the soundtrack, the music was vibrant and full and seemed to resonate something in me. Flash forward to MMO's and as I said things like personal accomplishments and downing bosses after working so hard of course causes emotion highs as do in some cases failing at something over and over can be a bit of a low. So what's this pertain to Wildstar, well my answer is two-fold really. 
      On the one hand the community has already invoked those emotions i've spoken of to some degree. The people doing things like art and sites and blogs and theorycrafting and rp and podcasts are great and wonderful an I say never stop doing what your doing but it's the polite shimmer through the social media, forums, and chats that highlight it for me. People are welcoming, helpful, supportive when they do not have to be. I;m not naming names here at least because there's so many and I don't necessarily value one over another,we're all the Wildstar Community, big and small feats may be different but we're all wanting the same thing. On the second handis the game itself. Now the vids have been great i'm going to say some of the best put together and funny vids from any mmo, Carbine your amazing as usual. As for the game itself will it invoke that feeling of immersion, caring what happens to npcs, looking carefully around corners for that little extra thing that makes your jaw drop? I hope so, I can't say "YES" but all i've seen and the world that's been created seems more living then any other mmo, things sound like they flow better and with the community of real core Wildstar fans we can build on what Carbine's done (Settlers get ready!)and fully enjoy, feel, and get the richest experience we can! If you have a game emotions moment and want to comment below feel free otherwise see you in Nexus!

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