Sunday, June 16, 2013

Protostartopia, where we examine the Planet Nexus...and try not to blow it up!

     Hello Dominion and Exile alike, welcome to Protostartopia my humble examination of the Planet Nexus, which is based in the upcoming MMO Wildstar by Carbine Studios. On this site i'll take some of the topics popular in the community and relay them, recycle them, and sometimes maybe put an amusing spin on things that may or may not induce a chuckle. I'll be trying to be informative but also entertaining because if you can't have fun with all things Wildstar you aren't doing it right! So sit back, grab yourself a nice Nexus themed snack or drink (I hear there's a few out there already) and let's see what my Insanity can bring to the table or a floating table even I don't mind!

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