Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You got game. So then why do you play it?

     It's me again Exiles and Dominion alike bringing some more Protostartopia goodness into your life just because I care. (It's definitely NOT because i'm being told to by you know who, NO!) This time around I want to talk about "Why Wildstar" and what drives us to play certain games in general. Once again  these are MY opinions, please no one read my sillyness and go "OMG that's not how I feel! Get the pitchforks!" No no no do not do this, i'm not a monster! Anywho so as I was saying I'll explain why I feel this is the game I wanna play and why i've played other things as well.
     So we all play for a few various reasons i've come to observe over the years. Some are serious deep pvpers, striving to not only get that glory of winning but in some cases it's a strive to be better then even your allies. Cannot miss mentioning the Roleplayers (The ones that matter not the "other" ones) who go out of their way to accurately do what they do and have fun doing it! You have the raiders who min/max and theorycraft and do things in raids that sometimes astound me as they try and be the best they can. Finally is the pve player who can be anything from a quest completionist, to a world map completionist, to the collectors, and the lorists who strive to know everything  story driven in existance.
     Where do I fit in? Well i'd say a bit of everything really. I've never labeled myself since I don't go hardcore on raiding or pvp though I don't mind doing them for fun. In some games I have been quite the collector/achiever for sure, maybe not on a competing to be better level but because I wanted the mounts/ pets/ achieves personally. In my case you can go ahead and call me a casual sure if you want but the reality is I play games to have fun, enjoy the game, and sometimes just to kill time or relax after a  stress filled day in reality to go somewhere completely opposite and distracting. Those that enjoy roleplaying or hardcore gaming enjoy it, find it relaxing, and that's "their" ideal part of the game and just like I enjoy reading quest text and finding out new aspects and getting that rare mount it's all ok ways to play the game your into.
    There's always argumentative people in the world. There's going to be those that come into Wildstar with some sort of issue in their personal life that feels they need to make life miserable for others, whether it's griefing in some way, harrasing, or trolling these things WILL happen. Now here's a conundrum you might say "But Zil what if it makes them happy to grief-harrase-and troll, shouldn't that be their ideal form of gameplay?" Instantly the ideal and happy terms argues yes, but these things cause pain to people on the recieving end and that's not acceptable. As the days go on and we get closer to launch I hope beyond hope we can put it out there we want something different, something strengthening, and something appropriate for everyone. 
     I see potential amongst the core community to achieve these things and more. If each one of us can make sure to stand up for the game and it's developers and let people know it's ok to play how you want but cross the line of intentionally hurting someone just because you can is not how things should be and maybe Wildstar isn't for them. I hope the moral majority exists in the game, everyday I see wonderful, smart, and strong people in the community who may vary in their favorite activities but all agree this is up to us to carry what Carbine has intended in-game and make it the best it can be. If you like this article feel free to comment below, give me your specific reasons why you game or why wildstar and i'll leave you with a quote i've always liked from a funny guy in Canada. "We're all in this together, keep your stick on the ice."

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  1. I really hope you're correct about the moral majority. So far we are on solid ground, but we'll have to see how it plays out towards launch.