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Sunday Sit down number 2! "Shamazing!" with Shalanigh


Hello Exiles and Dominion of the planet Nexus and beyond! My name is Zilvis. This is my end of the week community spotlight that I’ll be doing each and every week to delve a little more into who a certain member of the WildStar community is, learn the what and why of their choice to migrate to Nexus, and maybe some surprises along the way. The way I looked at it we're all community bound like brothers and sisters in this game of WildStar. Why not get to know someone a bit better? Once again welcome, sit back, and prepare to meet this week's community member, Shalanigh, or as some of us call him 'Diddy'. Welcome to Sunday Sit down.
 I’ll let you write a little introduction. 
If you have other monikers some may know you by, feel free to throw them out there. Mainly just tell  where people can find you online and any background you'd like to share we might not know.

Before I start I just want to say, you, (points at you) you're awesome for reading this. I don't care what the others said about you, you're okay in my book.

With that, I say herro! I'm Ryan. Like mentioned above I am know as, Shalanigh. Shalanigh is pretty much the only original name I felt I ever came up with when making a character in watch, someone's going to make some reference like, “Shalanigh is the secondary character in (something we've never heard of), be original, newb!”

Diddy is how a lot of people know me from Turntable.

Lotsa people know me from my WoW characters, Mors, Shalanigh (of course!), Tubs, and Toonces.

Question 1:As this is a WildStar themed project, we'll get those underway first. As most of us at one time or another have asked ourselves, what is WildStar?

I'll share this info with you, only because I like you...I wrote an article on this very question! I didn't really advertise it because I haven't really written anything big since college. It's published on my friends site, here it is:
Basically, I tried to put all the info we knew into one article. Short and sweet answer: It's an upcoming sci-fi MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios!

Question 2: What is one thing in the game your most hoping to be perfectly done, whether because it's needed or just something for your experience specifically?

    I have to say the elder game is the thing that I want to be done perfectly. I don't race to the cap, but I also don't really stop to smell the roses,either. But what I do know is that I spend most of my time at cap and I'd like plenty of good options

Question 3: I recently did a blog post discussing maybe why someone might pick one race over another in WildStar. What race do you think you identify with and why, even if it won't necessarily be your main?

I have the resilience of a Human.
I have the determination and drive of a Cassian.
I have the strength and general bad ass-ness of a Granok.
I have the pride and honor of a Draken.
I have the scrappiness of a Aurin.
I am sophisticated like a Mechari.
I carry the contagion of the Mordesh.
I am sociopathic like the Chua.

I'll be a Dominion tank, with a path of scientist or soldier.


Question 4: I'm sure everyone has their WildStar moment, as I call it, that quintessential thing that cinched in your decision on the game.

Paths were the thing that made me look into Wildstar more. Giving me more of the content I like....genius! Though I'd like to say the community and developers also had a role in helping me decide that I was going to be playing Wildstar.

Question 5: What aspect of WildStar are you most excited about and feel you'll spend the most time on such as Questing-Housing-PVP?

PvE – Lore is what I'm most excited for. It's the reason I played WoW for so long. I am also super excited about the mentoring system...which I hope they give a DevSpeak or more information on eventually. A mentoring system for me means I won't really have much reason for alts unless I have to make a new character on a different server. But with mentoring I don't have to make a new character every time I get a friend to roll on my server. I can just mentor down...which I really like!

Question 6: Out of everyone from Carbine that you've interacted with, who has surprised you the most for one thing or another by what you have seen that they have said or done so far?

My top 3 moments so far with interacting with Carbine peeps have been:
  1. Mr. @JeffKurtenacker came in Turntable and played tracks not yet released! You sir, are amazing!
  2. Mr. @baoghal asking us for trash item names and the hilariousness that ensued. (Mechari polish ftw!)
  3. Cheering on our Queen of the Flame, Bringer of Light to the Worthy, Hostess of Destruction, Wielder of the Face Melter @bardic. Kneel or burn in her wake! Pyromancers unite!

Question 7: If you were given the power to either alter the game in some way or add something to it that has not been mentioned or rumored, what would it be and why?

I think this was like the only idea I came up with that I liked: It was from a post on Wildstar Central about guild tabards and what people wanted. ZapRobo had a good idea that I kind of piggy-backed onto, he suggest some kind of hologram that projected your guild emblem. I suggested like a samurai banner but instead of the banner, being cloth have it project a hologram. As to why, I think it's cool. I do kinda feel like it wouldn't fit but I still like it.


Question 8: What is the one thing you want Carbine on a personal level or business level to know that you yourself have enjoyed from them?

The correct answer for this is their participation and interaction with the community! They are so awesome for keeping us company and chatting it up with us! <3 you all!

OK, that's it for the cross section on WildStar Q's. Next is a few Q's to get to know Shalanigh a bit better besides his amazing exploits across Nexus!

Question 9: Shalanigh, I met you on turntable. So, what does music do for you on a daily basis?

Drowns out the BS of my roommates, so I don't have to hear the crap they go through daily. With Turntable specifically, I really enjoy learning new music I hear in there and my library is expanding everyday!

Question 10: You game quite a bit. How long have you been gaming and what are your top 3 moments you'd say you remember in your own personal gaming history?

I've been gaming since the mid-late 80's. Starting with a NES. As far as the top 3 moments they'd have to be:
  1. Introduction to video games: Starting with the NES I remember me and my brother (I was no older then 4) playing Track & Field on the giant game pad. Oh the memories!
  2. Introduction to MMORPGs with pictures: Back in middle school me and my friends would play MUDs on our computers (well, I used my friends extra computer because I didn't own one.). Then one of my friends told me to come over he just got back from Best Buy and had to show me something. I get over to his place and he is still installing this game called “Everquest”. He explained to me,”It's a MUD with pictures!” My jaw dropped and I said, “No effing way!”
  3. Work and effort pays off: Though I said I played EQ, I was never in a raiding guild or did anything spectacular in that game. I was pretty much just a casual player that grinded to max level and was just enthralled by the world...even though I wasn't doing much in it. Fast forward to WoW I learned about guilds and raiding. When I got to max level and joined a guild that my friends were in, the guild was halfway through Molten Core. I'd say MC was my practicing grounds for becoming a true raider. Blackwing's Lair was my true test as a raider. When we finally beat that zone I knew I was a better gamer because of it. It was such a fun and challenging place.

Question 11: Besides Gaming and Music do you have any other interests or hobbies you find fun?

I have a bass guitar I like to try and play (I'm not very good). The amount of time I spend in Turntable I think it's safe to say that's a hobby.

Question 12: Is there a favorite movie or tv genre your especially into? Do you have a favorite movie trilogy or series?

When it comes to movies I'll give anything a shot. I am very easy going when it comes to what I watch. In the recent years my favorite series have been:
House (was sad when the series ended), The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Spartacus, Game of Thrones (easily my favorite), Archer, and Doctor Who (just started watching on Netflix a couple months ago).
As far as trilogies go, it's hard not to pick Star Wars.

Question 13: Shalanigh, is there any talents or trade skills you'd like to share? Is there something new you'd like to learn?

I can't think of any special skills.
I do watch a show called Man-At-Arms on youtube with a veteran blacksmith and I would love to learn how to do that stuff.

Question 14: Simple one now I promise. Do you have any pets? If you could have any real or made up pet, what would it be?

I have two kitties! Kiki and Kiko, they're sisters! They are Russian Blues and I got them as a graduation gift when I graduated from high school. We also have 9 chickens and a turkey that occupy our backyard.
A dragon would be an awesome pet that I wish I could have. Screw flying cars...I'll just fly my freakin' dragon!

Question 15: Finally, If there were one person living or dead, real or fake that you could sit down and have a long discussion with, who would it be and why?

Daenerys Targaryen – Maybe she'd let me borrow one of her dragons?

OK, Shalanigh, I hope that wasn't too painful for you. I appreciate you being the first guest for the Sunday Sit down. Now, I’ll let you have free reign. If there's anything else not asked here that you'd like to get out there that you think would be interesting for us to know, feel free to share. Things like plugs for your twitter or anything, and of course feel free to give shout outs of any kind!

As far as where you can find me on the interwebz of massive tubes, I joined Twitter just for Wildstar and you can find me at @Shalanigh. I'm kind of tweetarded and still figuring out, but you can follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

Shout out to all the people that hang out in Turntable! You're the bestest! Carbine peeps, keep on keepin' on! SVG - #DominionDomination

And of course, thank you Zilvis for this oppurtunity! :)

Back to spinning records in Turntable for me! C yas~

That's it Folks. Everything you'd want to know about Shalanigh and hopefully more! I thank him again for putting up with me as well as you the reader. Each and every week we will have a new and fascinating community member to learn about and see what really does make the WildStar community tick inside and out. Feel free to contact me anytime on twitter @zilvis78, comment below, or if you bump into me on the interwebs say hi!

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