Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fansites...the reckoning!


      Hello again Exiles and Dominion. We here at ProtoStarTopia want to speak a little bit about Fan sites. So the next big thing is coming out and your like "I'm a fan of that! I wonder what I can do next? I know, a fan site!" OK so not everyone says that,technically a very small percentage of the community will actually find that reason to do such a time consuming,all encompassing thing to honor their love of a game. Take for instance WildStar. There's plenty of great sites out there, some with forums and chat, some with role play, some just serving up delicious Nexian delicacies. I'm pretty sure nearly every single fan site creator has a slight different reason for the why of doing what their particular site offers. Now I cannot speak for each and every one, but I can share why protostartopia was created as well as sharing with you a few fan site creators who were kind enough to share their reasons as well.
     When I think back to the main reason I started doing all this I would almost say I don't have a clue. It's not to say I'm not a fan or anything but I've never...ever written, drawn, or tried for anything game related with another MMO. I could pass it off easily and say I saw all the others amazing things and I wanted in on it. That is not accurate either. So here's the core of my convictions and reasons of why I do all this stuff that I do. In a word it's Believe. I believe in Carbine, I believe in WildStar, and I believe in the community. It's not simply I wanna play the game or "oh it looks cool" it's a feeling that with the right nurturing, and solid commitment something already great can become something as near to perfect as is  possible.
       Anyone can say "I'm a fan" but not everyone goes that little extra step to do a single thing about it. That's fine but those of us out there doing stuff nearly every day to promote, bolster, and police the community know why in our heads and hearts. You don't have to do a site but support is a big thing as well, support your fellow community members and make sure they know they are appreciated. We're all in this together and making these things is hard, some sites I cannot fathom running but I keep to my dark fringe corner and feel fine about it. :D First up we'll hear a short bit from Mythos of WildStar Lore.

"I wanted more WildStar in my life, It's always been a project of Love and am still clueless about how to make a fan sites. I 
just shoot from the hip and the fact that there's people who enjoy what I'm doing as much as me is a bonus and I will admit it
 makes me tickle inside. This community is stellar, I hope to be able to continue doing what I love for a very long time"

      Thanks to Mythos and http://www.wildstarlore.com for that. Next up is John "Brenner" Hawkens from The Scowling Cassian.

"Well, I started with the "Meet the Dominion" video and by the end, Malvolio had me hooked. I knew I was going to need to
 learn more. Doing some research, I remember really enjoying the lore which was so much more in-depth then I expected 
before I stepped in. So, I knew I just had to celebrate it, I wanted to try my hand at blogging and do something for the 
RP community that had been such a prominent part of my life for the last few years.
The response was frankly overwhelming with so many kind and supportive people. Heck Gaffney was my very first commenter!
And so I had to give back to the community! I kept blogging but I also became strong with WSRP, of which I am now a mod.
 So I do both! I run a fan site and do my best to support others :3"

      I appreciate it Brenner, keep being you over at http://scowlingcassian.blogspot.com/ Last but certainly not least The Econ Pvper himself Anhrez had this to say about Settler in Exile's creation.

"Settler in Exile was started as a rant location for me. Forums are great, I post and lurk a lot of them, but there was 
something about WildStar that called me to create my own page where I can put up what ever when ever about the game.
 I have created articles for other fan sites. Warplots, Mission-Nexus and Wildstarfans have all posted my raving run-on 
sentences. I am migrating towards writing for other sites at the moment as I can create content but I am a horrible editor.
 So it would seem best to find someone to help channel my inner rant-geek to make things more coherent to the community.
 I will still keep my site around if nothing else to help the community keep track of upcoming plushies I am creating .... I
 am so excited about the next one I am gong to reveal!"

       Thanks a ton Anhrez from http://www.settlerinexile.com/ for taking the time out for that insight. Well as you can see these are just a few of the samples of why fan sites are created. It just goes to show community is diverse, reaching, and fun as well. Everyone in the community whether doing sites, supporting sites, or enjoying them and sharing them is doing wonderful. Keep it up everyone and hey anyone else running a site that wants to share feel free to comment below, we'd love to hear all the stories! Be excellent to each other!

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