Friday, August 2, 2013

Nexus Newsflash Number 3 Slow ride, take it easy.

Episode 3
Slow ride, take it easy

Druidsfire's Twitter: @druidsfire

Lead Pvp Designer for Cabine Jen Gordy @Bardic_

Composer/musician currently working on WildStar and a great guy Jeff Kurtenacker @JeffKurtenacker

Trista McNulty's Twitter @Immaculata

WildStar Official Meet the Chua :

Community Director for WildStar Troy Hewitt @CBR_Aether

Late Night Dominion Thursdays at 10pm EST

Anhrez's trip to Carbine article:

Check out this cool platformer from WildStar fan Kitisplode

Grievance Gamers/ Grievance Gamer Girls 
They have a twitch newscast every Sunday at 7pm central @GetDubuffed
As well as their two other twitch channels
check out Shrivasta's twitter @Shrivasta_G3
Grievance @GrievanceGaming
Grievance Gamer Girls @GrievanceGirls
for all the info on streams and the #PayItForward campaign! 

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