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Sunday Sir down#6 “A little bit Casual, a little bit Hardcore”

A Little Bit Casual, a little bit Hardcore

Hello Exiles and Dominion of the planet Nexus and beyond! My name is Zilvis. This is my end of the week community spotlight that I’ll be doing each and every week to delve a little more into who a certain member of the WildStar community is, learn the what and why of their choice to migrate to Nexus, and maybe some surprises along the way. The way I looked at it we're all community bound like brothers and sisters in this game of WildStar. Why not get to know someone a bit better? Once again welcome, sit back, and prepare to meet this week's community member. This week is slightly different, we have not one but two community members! A gamer couple this week, let's meet Kataryna and Licurgo. Welcome to Sunday Sit down.
 I’ll let you write a little introduction. 
If you have other monikers some may know you two by, feel free to throw them out there. Mainly just tell where people can find you both online and any background you'd like to share we might not know.

Our Real Names are Amy and Clay. I’m Random Kat, Kitty or just Kat, and Licurgo got the nicknames Iggy/Ig or Licorice/Licurice because it’s apparently hard to say Licurgo (Le-sir-go)?? We met in college and that’s that. We have 2 wonderful kids and our daughter starts kindergarten this year!

Question 1:As this is a WildStar themed project, we'll get those underway first. As most of us at one time or another have asked ourselves, what is WildStar to you both?

Wildstar is our next stop on the MMO circuit – WoW, Rift, SW:ToR, GW2 and finally Wildstar – it may be my final MMO if all goes right in the world!

Question 2: What is one thing in the game you’re both hoping to be perfectly done, whether because it's needed or just something for your experiences specifically?

I’m hoping that the Raids are awesome and really hard – even though I have to be a casual player right now because of the kids and Lic’s job. And also housing – I’ve never played a game that had housing, as I quit Rift before they put in the housing – and I really hope it turns out great.

I’m hoping that the PvP is done well – I’ve always liked PvPing from when I started WoW onwards, I had an Orc Warrior that was a few ranks from getting High Warlord.

Question 3: I did a blog post discussing maybe why someone might pick one race over another in WildStar. What race do you two identify with and why, even if it won't necessarily be either of your mains?

I’ve always always always played a smaller character – from Gnomes, to Dwarves, to Asurans – so from the moment I saw the Chua that Innocent Civilian posted on the Last Dominion Race Speculation thread I knew that I was going to be a Chua.

When Kat showed me the Wildstar trailer I liked the Granok right off the bat – they’re big guys who drink beer, kick ass, and take names.

Question 4: I'm sure everyone has their WildStar moment, as I call it, that quintessential thing that cinched in each of your decisions on the game.

I saw the First trailer a couple years ago and really liked it, but then forgot about it because there wasn’t much more information out there about the game. Then at the end of last year (2012) I read one of the Wildstar Wednesdays that said they were going to be announcing more stuff at the beginning of this year. I started lurking around Wildstar Central until they announced when they were going to be showing the Dominion – once they showed off the Race Reveal trailers I was hooked for good.

Kat pretty much told me, “Hey, we’re going to be playing this game when it comes out.” So I looked into it a little bit – though I’m not one to devour all the information on a game this far out from release – I leave that up to Kat.

Question 5: What aspect of WildStar are you two most excited about and feel you'll spend the most time on such as Questing-Housing-PVP?

PvP and Dungeons are most likely what I’ll be doing the most out of everything outside of leveling/questing with Kat.

Leveling/questing with Licurgo, and Housing with Nyxis *Waves at future Roomie – Nyxis #PumpkinHearts!* Lic won’t be into housing at all so I had to find a someone to be a roomie with me I would LOVE to raid hardcore like I did back in Vanilla WoW – but with 2 little kids it’s hard to have that time without cutting into the time that the raid has set aside.

Question 6: Out of everyone from Carbine that you two have interacted with, who has surprised you the most for one thing or another by what you have seen that they have said or done so far?

I love all of the Carbine-ites I’ve interacted with! They’re all awesome and I’ve been impressed by how often they take time to actually talk with people that are interested in their game! Bardic, aka Jen Gordy, is always in hanging with us, and Tom Servo, aka Jeff Kurtenacker, is summonable with a flip of the Ke$ha switch!

All I know about the Carbine people is what Kat tells me – she’s much more active in the community than I am, I just listen to her and nod my head.

Question 7: If you each were given the power to either alter the game in some way or add something to it that has not been mentioned or rumored, what would it be and why?

I don’t really like the single weapon type for classes – I’d like to have more types. I know there are lots of styles of each weapon but they’re still the same type of weapon.

I would actually like the ability to make an official “Neighborhood” circle (or just call it a Neighborhood) where anyone you add to that circle is in your neighborhood and you can only be in on “Neighborhood” at a time.

Question 8: What is the one thing you two want Carbine on a personal level or business level to know that you both have enjoyed from them?

II would tell Jeff Kurtenacker to keep up the wonderful work on the soundtrack for the game – I’ve listened to what he has on his sound cloud so many times I can click to my favorite parts of each song the first time every time!
I would tell all the Wonderful Community people at Carbine that putting up with us crazy fans is a crazy job and they are crazy-awesome for attempting to do a job this huge! And I’m sorry to Scooter for still bugging him about my stuff – if you’re reading this, you know what I mean Scooter, lol, I might even send more cookies!

OK, that's it for the cross section on WildStar Q's. Next is a few Q's to get to know Kat and Licurgo a bit better besides their amazing exploits across Nexus!

Question 9: First off you two, have you both always been into gaming or did one get the other into it?

I played games when I was younger (Starcraft, Warcraft, etc), but as for MMOs, I had a friend in college that started playing World of Warcraft and got me and a few other friends into it, and then I got Kat into the game as well.

I’d had the first Nintendo that I had to share with my sisters when we were little – we were allowed to play 30 mins to an hour at a time then had to go outside to play! For MMOs Lic got me into them with WoW.

Question 10: Do you have some top gaming moments together or separately that are fond memories?

One of the funniest things I remember from gaming was doing the Lava Packs in Molten Core in WoW – I was the Warlock class leader and we would banish switch when one was almost dead – causing everyone in the Vent chat to go, “KAAAAAT!!!! WARLOCKS!!! STAAAAAHP IIIT!!!” We would die laughing every time!

(WoW) Being a hardcore combat rogue and evasion tanking the boss long enough to get the battle rez on the dead main tank because the off-tank could never get the aggro off me after the MT died – ‘cause I’m a hardass like that.

Together, I’d say my favorite thing was when Lic, me, and a friend of ours making level one toons that we than ran by foot from Stormwind up to Wetlands, to Southshore, back down to the Wetlands, across the ocean to Theramore, and all the way down to Tanaris. Took all night to do that, but it was a blast – we also had rules like “No Rezzing at a graveyard” and “No Flight points.”

Question 11: Besides Gaming what are each of your other hobbies?

Besides gaming? We have kids!! And I love to watch College Football (Texas A&M Aggies First, then Arkansas Razorbacks).

Yeah, we have 2 kids, there’s not too much time for much after that. I love to bake – check my thread on Wildstar Central about my cookies I sent to Carbine! And I’ve taken to making up my own mixed drinks – my favorite still is the Low Grav – Jack Daniels and Cream Soda!

Question 12: Do you have any tips for other gaming couples or gamer parents that might be helpful?

Find a game that you both enjoy so you aren’t having to explain everything to the other person about the game you are playing. And make sure the kids have a set bedtime so that you can get your game on without having to worry about what the kids need!

Question 13: Is there any hidden talents or trade skills you two would like to share? Is there something new either of you'd like to learn?

Neither of us can really think of any hidden talents or the like that we have. Besides Licurgo being a former Lumberjack – he built log houses for 5 years. And I make the World’s Best Sugar Cookies – or so some that have tried them claim. Something new? I would love to go to school to become a massage therapist.

I can play Chess pretty well? That’s something most people don’t expect from me. Metalworking would be pretty cool to know, I guess.

Question 14: Simple one now I promise. Do you two have any pets? If you could have any real or made up pets, what would they be?

No pets, our landlords said no. I’d love to have a cat or a Corgi – the Corgi would be named Ein, naturally.

I would love to have a cat again – they’re the best pets ever!

Question 15: Finally, If there were one person living or dead, real or fake that you could sit down and have a long discussion with together or individually, who would it be and why?

I really have no idea who I would want to talk to –

How about Jim Butcher – Author of Dresden Files and Codex Allera – he would be fun to talk to, we both love his books and I would hope to get more insight into the worlds and characters from his books.

OK, Kat and Licurgo, I hope that wasn't too painful for you. I appreciate you being guests for the Sunday Sit down. Now, I’ll let you have free reign. If there's anything else not asked here that you'd like to get out there that you think would be interesting for us to know, feel free to share. Things like plugs for your twitters or anything, and of course feel free to give shout outs of any kind!

You (usually) won’t find Iggy anywhere near Twitter or Facebook – 

I figure that if anyone wants to find me they’ll just tell Kat they’re lookin’ for me. Oh great! – Kat has now told me that I have a twitter account @LicoriceQuips …really, Kat? –

Yes, really! And I’m @KatarynaWS on Twitter and you can also find me on Wildstar Central as Kataryna.

That's it Folks. Everything you'd want to know about the gaming couple supreme Kataryna and Licurgo and hopefully more! I thank them again for putting up with me as well as you the reader. Each and every week we will have a new and fascinating community member to learn about and see what really does make the WildStar community tick inside and out. Feel free to contact me anytime on twitter @zilvis78, comment below, or if you bump into me on the interwebs say hi!

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