Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And now something completely different...PLEASE READ!

Greetings and Salutations Nexians and Non-Nexians alike. Of course welcome to my tiny corner of the web. We here at Protostartopia normally go for tongue-in-cheek antics, slightly major rants, or informing in the game industry best as we can but this week  we( Being Zilvis and Zatiann ofc) have a bit of a different quandary on our hands. It's not intergalactic warfare, reaching that elusive jump puzzle, or what epic tweet to release upon the world. Life has been a bit unpredictable and unforgiving as of late. The social interaction and community based items I have been doing has made some aspects easier, but it's come upon a realization that though a small(very small) group knows a tenth of our personal lives a little bit more might be crucial. We have set up a deal at FundRazr and while at times i'm a  proud guy I know when my gut is telling me something is the right course of action.

Have a gander and read the why's and whats of it, maybe consider any help you could do. I did state in the story i'd like to personally thank each and every one of you who donates so fill it out thoroughly please. On a side note to anyone in say the WildStar community, or even like the WoW or any other MMO community I regularly interact with a bit of something extra. I will still thank-thank-thank you to no end(well OK i do occasionally sleep) but if so requested and I have a way to verify it was you i'm totally fine with doing a future commission of any type(drawing-writing-avatar) and make sure to note you here on the site as well as a future Nexus Newsflash. Tough situations call for tough decisions and anything would be amazing. As always be excellent to each other and take care!

Much appreciation for reading this!<3
Zilvis and Zatiann

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