Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To sub or not to sub...is that the question?

Hey all and welcome to another episode of Nexus News...oh wait back up, wrong show! Seriously welcome back to my random blog of rants/rambles/and sometimes a nugget of joy! By now if you've touched the internet at all you know that Carbine Studios released the business model for their game WildStar. I would say i'm shocked or surprised but i'm not, that is to say it's basically what i expected and I'm OK with it.  I won't drag you through all the details, It's everywhere lol but basics are you will pay about $60 for the box, get a free month and then pay $15 or less after that depending on your frequency you want to pay. So standard MMO you say?
That is indeed the same as others, but there's a slight new twist borrowed from other games. The C.R.E.D.D system allows players to pay $20 for a 1 month game time item that can be sold in game. Then if your a really good gold maker you can buy them with your gold and redeem for essentially a free month. Once again this is IF your good at gold making. OK so that's it for the history lesson. Why I even bother with this post is a simple question. Why would you ever follow a game for months then suddenly find out you will have to pay a few dollars to play and drop all ideas of playing something you enjoy and people you will enjoy playing the game with?
I understand there may be a few exceptions, like money CAN be an issue if you have many more bills then average or schooling or children. Forgivable in a way, but I have this to say, every single month most if not all people do something whether it's fast food, renting movies, going to movies, unnecessary vanity visits (spas/ salons), and junk food. There's very little to be said that $15 or less is not budget friendly in some way. Now I hear all the time, I won't play a game that requires a sub! Well that's a bit one sided and even cheaper then i've been known to be(and that's horribad) so all I can say is cool, see you on the other side!
Games that KNOW they can hold up a sub in this day and age with so many failing to means something to me. I spent five years of my life having many quiet, miserable times in a game I subbed to. I did so out of respect for the game and it keeping my interest. I did quit but still agree the game is high caliber quality,just not for me at this point and time. So with the community, the game quality and of course the people working on the game I say bring on the sub, keep the riffraff and haters out, and make this game something to be reckoned with. 
When people look back 5 or 10 years from now no one will say "Hey subscription was a bad idea" I feel they will still be subbed,enjoying the game, and enjoying the people involved with development as well as the huge,stable,and I hope tight community being built up now. If it gets to that point it's OK you can all look me up and say, "Hey you were right!" I'll be sure to give you a nice little told you so and a smile...haha OK so maybe nothing that dramatic but it is nice to imagine such a scenario. All I'm saying is don't cry about something so small as a business model, leveling time frames, or release dates. All these things are subjective and easily changed, enjoy the community, participate where you can, and be excellent to each other because if we aren't who else will be?!

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