Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Long days, longer nights...

      Hello out there on the Planet Nexus and beyond! So this week i'm going to chit chat a bit (I will try to keep it reasonable) about time management and being not only a gamer but involved in a community and balance with life. I do this because I know from personal experience and random observations and talks with people that time management is hard no matter what your doing. It can be general gaming, art, writing, blogging, site maintaining, twitter obsessing...lol..yes had to slip that in. So here's the hard question we have to ask is "What prioritizes our time?" First off I know everyone's slightly different, single gamers and couples gamers will have differences of opinion. Just as various gamer couples may have differences of opinion on what should be done and not done. Let's say this is a little personal experience mixed with a random assortment of test subjects....um victims..I MEAN PARTICIPANTS!. Ya know one really would assume i'm rolling a Chua for my main based on how I treat things.....Anywho enough of that back to time management. 
     We all need it, most people(and rightly so) say RL comes first. This is obvious and i'm sure we're all guilty of breaking it once...or 50 times. I have been weening myself off the net bit by bit,making what time im on count if I can then turning it off for a few hours,doing what I need to do(i'm learning lol)and then maybe hopping back for  a bit more. At this time of little games to play that's easy but what about when games pop back up, how to add something else to the mix? It's a schedule plain and simple. I don't mean you literally buy a day planner for online habits(But if that works....)or a chalkboard for easy changable items. I mean set in your mind "Ok this day i'm doing this,then this, then relax and maybe do this." 
     So your a typical gamer, you game so many hours maybe turn it off for friends/family/life/or whatever. Then you decide i'm making a website, and a blog, and frequent all the podcasts, and chats, and forums to really immerse into the game. Then you have problems. No one can do everything, but that schedule has to be concise of course for balance.
     So for me personally it's different, i'm mostly an insomniac...oh shocker the guys who's in TT until 5-6am doesn't hardly sleep. So I get alot extra done those nights i'm sure then average, but it's still balance. If i spend all night online I may not get back online until the next afternoon...yes I know i'm missed..calm down! :P Seriously though things are hectic, crazy, and possibly annoying but take your time. We like to rush..get "it" done whatever it may be. The thing is all stuff is important, life-games-art-writing but nothing has to be kill you fast done. Enjoy your time doing artsy things, spend that extra hour double checking your writings, and set aside plenty of time with those you love. Especially if they support you which is a welcome and not always common thing.
     Simple terms..after all that ^ mess "Love what you do while you do it but don't let what you do rule your time completely." Take care and be excellent to each other everyone!

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