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Sunday Sit down #5 "She's Evi(L) but in a good way!

“She's Evi(L) but in a good way!”

Hello Exiles and Dominion of the planet Nexus and beyond! My name is Zilvis. This is my end of the week community spotlight that I’ll be doing each and every week to delve a little more into who a certain member of the WildStar community is, learn the what and why of their choice to migrate to Nexus, and maybe some surprises along the way. The way I looked at it we're all community bound like brothers and sisters in this game of WildStar. Why not get to know someone a bit better? Once again welcome, sit back, and prepare to meet this week's community member. You know and love her art and she's a huge part of the RP community, Evion!. Welcome to Sunday Sit down.
 I’ll let you write a little introduction.
If you have other monikers some may know you by, feel free to throw them out there. Mainly just tell where people can find you online and any background you'd like to share we might not know.

Hi guys! Actually, Evion is pretty much my go-to name in all the communities I have been a part of, or some variation of it. My art can all be found in my DeviantArt gallery at I also frequent both WildstarRP and the Wildstar Turntable room, so say hi if you see me around! :D

As for background, I’ve always enjoyed drawing. It’s something I’m working on pursuing professionally as a career. I also enjoy a lot of Roleplaying, having experience both in forums and a wide variety of tabletop games. I’m looking forward to trying out in-game RP for the first time in Wildstar!

Question 1:As this is a WildStar themed project, we'll get those underway first. As most of us at one time or another have asked ourselves, what is WildStar?

WildStar is a game that combines the charm and style of a Pixar movie with the thoughtful humor and character of Firefly. For myself, I’m hoping WildStar will be my next gaming “Home.” From what I have seen so far, my hopes are very high indeed!

Question 2: What is one thing in the game you’re most hoping to be perfectly done, whether because it's needed or just something for your experience specifically?

The one thing I’m really hoping they polish and develop is Housing. It’s something I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing in a game before, and from the previews, I am really intrigued. Being able to put together something creative and then share that project with other people will really help invest people in the game, even more so than collecting gear sets or interesting pets.

Question 3: I did a blog post discussing maybe why someone might pick one race over another in WildStar. What race do you think you identify with and why, even if it won't necessarily be your main?

Hm, what race do I identify with? That was never really a question for me. ;)

Ever since I first saw the CG trailer, I knew I would be playing an Aurin. The colors, the spunky personality, being able to prove that even someone small can kick major butt are all parts of what I enjoy playing in a character.

Question 4: I'm sure everyone has their WildStar moment, as I call it, that quintessential thing that cinched in your decision on the game.

Most definitely! For me, that moment came with the Gamescom trailer, back in 2011. It was my first time paying attention to the convention and I think I was watching it for WoW news at the time. This new trailer came out with really fun-looking pictures, so I queued it up. A few minutes later, after I’d stopped laughing, I played it again. Then I ran over to my friend’s room and made her watch it too. It was that combination of colorful characters and humor that really resonated with me, along with that space-frontier-exploration feel. I knew that I was going to be playing this game someday.

Question 5: What aspect of WildStar are you most excited about and feel you'll spend the most time on such as Questing-Housing-PVP?

Most definitely Housing. I just know that any questing I do is going to be for earning more funds to siphon into my house decor. The house will be amazing, and I will be dirt poor! Also, likely sleep-deprived. I expect to disappear for a few days once I do get my housing plot!

Question 6: Out of everyone from Carbine that you've interacted with, who has surprised you the most for one thing or another by what you have seen that they have said or done so far?

This is a tough one! On the one hand, I have been continuously surprised and amused by how involved Jeff Kurtenacker, the composer, is on twitter with the folks of the community. His vines bring endless amusement! On the other hand, I’d say Anlath has been a major support for us Role players, and it’s really encouraging to see a developer who’s got such strong RP roots and is willing to come in and engage with us! Besides that, he enjoys my art and also likes ponies! <3 He’s an awesome guy in my book!

Question 7: If you were given the power to either alter the game in some way or add something to it that has not been mentioned or rumored, what would it be and why?

I don’t think I’d alter the game, really. Perhaps I would add a more detailed Character Creation system, but that’s still in development, so I’ll wait to see how that comes together. Otherwise, I would just open up the Warrior class to the other races for selfish reasons, because I would have liked a small, fierce Aurin warrior.

Question 8: What is the one thing you want Carbine on a personal level or business level to know that you yourself have enjoyed from them?

Carbine, you have been amazing in being so inclusive and interactive with the community. I really hope that you are able to keep that up throughout the launch of the game. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

OK, that's it for the cross section on WildStar Q's. Next is a few Q's to get to know Evion a bit better besides her amazing exploits across Nexus!

Question 9: Being so talented, how long have you done the art thing and what had initially drawn (puns yes?) you to WildStar's style?

Hahaha! Well, I’ve been doing creative stuff for almost all my life, according to my mother, but I really began pursuing drawing and digital art in Middle School, about 14 years ago.

When I first saw the trailer for WildStar and the screenshots, I fell in love with the colors and vaguely cartoony stylization. It reminded me of my favorite cartoons, like Disney movies, Avatar the Last Airbender, but with a steampunk space-western aesthetic. It was like someone had taken my favorite aspects and thrown them in a blender together, creating a gorgeous art slurry.

Question 10: How long have you been gaming and what are your top 3 moments you'd say you remember in your own personal gaming history?

Hmm, this is very tricky! Picking out specific moments that stand out more than others…

Well, to answer the question of how long I’ve been gaming, I could say somewhere over 20 years, maybe a bit less. My parents had an Atari which I played a little even before I was able to read the colorful instruction books that came with the games. After that, I didn’t really play again until I was given a Gameboy, and since then I’ve been gaming in some capacity!

As for the moments, well let’s see…
Haha, one moment that stands out was in World of Warcraft, during the late Wrath of the Lich King. I would often hop around Dalaran during down-time boredom while chatting with my guildies on ventrillo. I had recently acquired a chopper bike and convinced my friend (now husband) to hop in the passenger seat and we rolled around Dalaran as we talked. All the while, I had a wicked plan in mind. Before he realized what was happening, we were riding through the sewers and down the drain pipe. He expected me to stop at the edge… I didn’t. :D We were both laughing as we fell to our deaths.

Another moment I remember well was the first time I got to step into a raid. It was in WoW: Burning Crusade and my little Draenei shaman was just a 68 toon, still half-clad in greens. My guild’s raid team was missing a member for Kharazan and needed a body, so they brought me in. I died so many times and loved every moment of it. I’d never experienced something so epic-feeling before. That clinched my role as a raider throughout my WoW career.

And finally, my favorite moment actually comes from a tabletop game. My friends and I were playing a martial-arts fantasy role playing game called Exalted. Our characters were trying to lay low in a large city to avoid government detection. My character, being a trouble-making thief, decided she was bored and took one of the others from the party to visit the Pirate King’s tomb, where I proceeded to steal the King’s golden hat. The shenanigans lead to dancing in a parade, scaring children in the park, burning down a tea house, and fighting hell hounds in the streets. When my character was later approached by the city police, they asked pointedly “Do you know anything about the Pirate King’s tomb that was robbed?” I replied in an excited and innocent voice, “Oooh! There’s a Pirate’s tomb? We should go there – It would be so much fun!” My GM needed a good five minutes to recover from his laughing, and I got to keep my snazzy pirate hat.

Question 11: Besides Gaming and art do you have any other interests or hobbies you find fun?

I dabble a little bit in sewing, mostly costume things for steampunk stuff, though I’d love to try my hand at cosplay someday. I also collect comics of all sorts. I love the Fables series from Vertigo!

Question 12: You’re heavy into the role play Community, a very nice and tight knit group I've learned. What started you becoming a role player?

Since I was little, I’ve found I enjoy creating my own characters and stories within pre-existing settings, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Gargoyles. Later I’d create my own characters and settings. When I learned of free form role playing on the Internet, it seemed the perfect fit.

Question 13: Evi, is there any hidden talents or trade skills you'd like to share? Is there something new you'd like to learn?

There’s always new things I’d like to learn. In art, I want to work on improving my skills with mechanical objects, and backgrounds, composition, and perspective. Outside of that, I’d like to learn how to bake properly. I will make so many cookies!

Question 14: Simple one now I promise. Do you have any pets? If you could have any real or made up pet, what would it be?

I wish I had a cat! I grew up with them all my life, but since moving to a new house, we haven’t had the chance to look into adopting one yet. Other finances have to be settled first before we feel comfortable taking on that responsibility. However, we’ll hopefully be able to get one soon.

And if I could have a made-up pet, I would love to have my own cobalt Talbuk from Warcraft. Or maybe the snow-leopard Spirit Beast, he was a faithful companion on my hunter!

Question 15: Finally, If there were one person living or dead, real or fake that you could sit down and have a long discussion with, who would it be and why?

Man, all the hard questions! You may laugh, but I think I would like to have a talk and drink some beers with Master Harper Robinton from the Dragonriders of Pern books. He was an incredibly wise and patient man, but with a wonderful sense of humor. Sharing an afternoon with him would result in a lot of laughing.

OK, Evion, I hope that wasn't too painful for you. I appreciate you being a guest for the Sunday Sit down. Now, I’ll let you have free reign. If there's anything else not asked here that you'd like to get out there that you think would be interesting for us to know, feel free to share. Things like plugs for your twitter or anything, and of course feel free to give shout outs of any kind!

Thank you very much for inviting me here, Zilv! It’s been a real pleasure!

If you guys want to find me around the Internet, my twitter is @EvionFox, and my art gallery (again) can be found at I also have a Tumblr for art and random silly things at Otherwise I’m frequently around and tend to lurk in the WildStar Turntable room!

That's it Folks. Everything you'd want to know about Evion and hopefully more! I thank her again for putting up with me as well as you the reader. Each and every week we will have a new and fascinating community member to learn about and see what really does make the WildStar community tick inside and out. Feel free to contact me anytime on twitter @zilvis78, comment below, or if you bump into me on the interwebs say hi!

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