Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You don't know Jack

Hey Guys and Gals of Nexus! We here at Protostartopia recently had a bit of a time-slip happen, yeah our engineer decided to eat some stew we won't speak of(he's a Draken)and did drop some in the hyper drive. Because of that we were forced to now have this blog on Tuesdays time slot. Fear not though, coming this Friday we will be debuting a new segment where you actually get to hear the voice of Protostartopia in a show called Nexus Newsflash. Think of it as half a week's review on some of the event from the fine folks of Nexus, and half comments on whatever is on out mind at the time. As always with this blog and Nexus Newsflash opinions are our own,we do not claim to know the mysteries of the universe so don't yell at us!:)
       Now then for this week i'm not going to be vindictive or nasty about this(because that's not how I work)but I want to talk about media misrepresentation when gaming is involved. What do I mean by media misrepresentation? Simply put it's things like game review websites or gaming mega sites maybe jumping the gun, assuming(and we know what that means), and mis-reading things yet still reporting and basically saying "well this is what we believe is the reason for this," So while yes sometimes they will change their articles later or state it's their opinion(and opinions are fine in some ways)they are causing stryfe or stress among some gamers at least. 
     Now don't think i'm going to give a list of sites doing this, I actually know 3 for sure but I can give vague examples and just reiterate why I think this is wrong. So when companies tweet or fb post teasers or something why automatically go to the throat of the whys of the teasers? Now if generally the community discusses it and says "Oh it could mean this or that." IT HURTS NO ONE. Now if a media site that many people go to and is widely advertised across the night see the same things and says "This must mean this, we're gonna get new info!" PEOPLE GET ANNOYED. So why throw conjecture out there and good journalism out the window? Pro-tip it's to get views, clicks, comments, or whatever they deem is a success for their site.
     Other examples include seeing people who work for a company put out personal Vines and jumping on it saying "Ohhh what do they mean by this?" Again you can speculate all you want but automatically say X means X and that's it means nothing even if you retract it. It's disrespectful to the REAL fans of said game and each time they do it at least in my view makes them less credible. The  final example is when games put out offical news saying "We are trying out a new system as a test" and these sites auto assuming AND stating that the game could be failing/going free/back peddling. This is another example of something that annoys and can upset fans of that game and I don't see one single reason to officially announce such things without hard proof FROM THE COMPANY. Basically all i'm saying is let the word come down from on high, when they say "We are putting this or doing this for the game" then report it,it's not guessing at that point especially when your a big and well respected there's no chance of looking foolish, unless you really want that or don't simply care then feel free and  carry on!

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