Friday, July 5, 2013

Who-What-Where-and sometimes Why?

       Greetings Cupcakes....OK that's the one and only time you'll see me type that lol. Welcome to more of my rambling nonsense based around the Carbine MMO Wildstar...but of course it is why else would you be here?! Let's get under way, the title may be a bit confusing, more confusing then a male Aurin working in a flower pressing factory...OK more confusing then a Draken singing the Barney song "I love you". Yes i went there. My point is this is about Psychology, no not the thing that your parents tried on you when you would sneak out of the house and lie about it, I'm talking the whole behind the scenes motives of what drives us to want to play an egotistical yet refined human being or a fluffy cuddly little (this part has been censored, if you'd like to file a complaint do so in the comments below...and yes this is fishing for comments below, thank you.) that likes to play the mad scientist of Nexus. Why do we make the choices in an MMO. Some would simply say "Ohhh I love their ears and tails and how cute they are" and others may say "Those Granok really hit a nerve because who doesn't wanna beat stuff up and drink beer all day?" OKAY so those two are barely arguments in the valid department, seriously though I've put thought into this and while there may be alot who simply go for the cutest or biggest some spend hours or days or even months leading up trying to find that thing to identify with. 
     Now I'm sure your asking,"Well what about you Zil?" to that I say I'm not the focus here...but OK you really want to know, for me it's familiar territory that makes me always choose a human for my main, now this time around it was a bit different as there's Humans(exile) and Cassians(Dominion). I'll be honest here originally I saw the CGI trailer and was like "OMG FIREFLY" yes it's getting played out but I saw it too so playing a human this time around was a bonus of playing a Nathan Fillion copycat. Now part of this mentality was I knew nothing about The Dominion but I was in WoW mode still and being a long time Alliance I kinda was like "maybe the Exiles are like the alliance." So that went on awhile and then came the influx of videos and I saw the exiles/dominion videos. Now a bit of back story, I grew up in the north somewhere around 15 years ago I ended up in Oklahoma and have enjoyed it ever since. I like many had a view of OK. from movies and television of very southern, randomly redneck, and simple people. After living here for simply 6 months I barely heard accents let alone anyone simple or overly country. I've simply found friendly people who do things a bit different then my northern peeps but ultimately not what was expected.
       So...heh..yeah you see what I'm saying, I hit play and there is the video was funny for sure, informative and well done..but..and I say this kindly THAT ACCENT! Now that's a little silly saying I'm not playing a race because they sound a certain way but it's true..I'm not into ears and tails or big rock dudes either so there is that. Now The Dominion (DOMINION DOMINATION) was played and instantly I was like Hey...Cassians...hey he sounds acceptable...hey I don't think this is exactly a horde/alliance situation. The others Mechari(who hates robots..really)and Draken who concern me a bit but are designed really well.  OK so I'm going Cassian and if you see me on the pvp server I'll be rolling with my guildies just know I'm a fair and even tempered person,I won't indiscriminately attack you even if your a dirty Exile but don't make a fool of yourself in front of me or my Dominate boot may end up on your throat and.....ahem.
      Back to the task at hand. So let us examine the Exiles.....first, The Humans as I've stated are the cowboys of the galaxy. Brash, high tempered, possibly a bit overly passionate and that causes slip ups in my opinion. They may be many things but quitters they are not,if they have a redeeming quality "if" I'd say it is this. So who might be drawn to this type of character? I would say the accent and temper appeals to some right away, they may see a little of themselves in the toons and their plight of just wanting a place of their own. Beyond that is the fundamental, this is a human, this is what I identify with, and this is what I'm most attuned to.
       Next up is the Aurin, fun loving-bouncy-nature preserving people who just happen to have animal like ears and tails.The "aw isn't it cute" crowd will immediately latch onto these space bunniecatthings, being preservers of nature may influence someone as well into rolling one simply to embrace that way of life, are you green then Aurin is your thing!Another small group may be simply into the fact they are sporting ears and tails and that's a thing as well. A deep seated need for outside the norm or realm of realism can ping your brain and make your interest in them very high.        
     Let's discuss the Granok. These giant,rock based creatures are party going,beer drinking, shoot first ask questions later kinda toons. On paper that sounds good to people into that, so who would wanna be a Granok? Obviously those with previous experience with big bruiser types might enjoy this type of character. The traits of living for the now and partying will draw the people drawn to bikers or party animals. On a deeper level may be the one's who believe that even if life dealt them a  bad hand they can hop onto their Granok and be big-buff-tough-and really give it to the opposition, I wouldn't say therapy really but working through aggressions in gaming is perfectly acceptable in the right conditions.
     Now we get to the unknown(this part is based upon rumor and speculation so don't take it as fact just conjecture)the 4th and final(for now) exile race. What's mentioned or sneak peeked of them suggest the type of person who would identify most might be someone slightly on the fringes, not conforming,kinda doing their own thing in the world..or a former WoW player who loved the forsaken perhaps.:) Now not alot is known but from what I've heard they are very loner-ish and different minded so if you like things that say "Now for something completely different" you may want to roll these guys, possibly more on this later as info in confirmed.
     Now I want to present to you The Dominion, Cassians are the refined, structured, proper speaking, and the chosen of the Eldan come to take what are rightfully ours...ahem..theirs.If your looking for a human race that may be militaristic and dominate but is not adverse to some humor in the face of danger try a Cassian. Those with not only a calm mentality, refined tastes, a love of wine, or just wanted to be the rightful heirs of Nexus will get enjoyment here.
     Mechari are the Nexus answer to a race of robots who take no guff, see logic, and if your found lacking in structure will make sure to rectify such a thing. Mechari were built by the Eldan, likely as guardians for the Dominion and they do a really skilled job of it. Are you a lover of machines, have a long time fetish for transformers or toasters? OK that's a little creepy but you get the idea. If you want something that's good at what they do, maybe needs occasional maintenance and you want a cool metallic voice go Mechari,also I've heard they are awfully Modest..if that's your thing!
     The next race are The Draken, these bold and wild warriors are fitting for things like war...maiming..tearing apart their food..and inappropriate hygiene and that's their good side! Seriously though to back up the Dominion you can't ask for a better race. Do you want something a little different but still human-ish? Do you want something that will instill fear in every exile(and maybe Rowsdower) you encounter? Do you want to stand over your enemy,breathing down at them and make them think you could do anything without prejudice? Draken is likely for you, oh and on a basic level if you just want really fancy orange and colorful skin with horns and creepy eyes yup they are your race!
     Finally we come to the Dominion's 4th and unknown race.(Same rules apply blah-blah guesses)Most people know what these things are, it's been previewed in screenshots, Christmas cards from Carbine, live stream ramblings. I am calling them Gremlins, maybe Wombats or a Stitch mix up is more accurate. A short little furry race who has a penchant for science. They seem to be inquisitive and a fun race but who knows what hides behind those cute eyes. So if your on the fence of a side and like cute things why not make the right choice and go Dominion and pick a little fuzzy? If you've played smaller races in the past (Gnomes/goblins/even dwarves) you'll enjoy these of course, science major or aspiring mad scientist again this will appeal to you. 
     So that's the races, I'm sure I could go into detail on why a certain class or path is right....but not at this time. Weigh the options,check them out, and choose wisely because we all know what happens when you choose poorly don't we? (This was in no reference to picking Exiles, it was a movie quote from Indiana Jones)....but yes choose The Dominion, we have brownies!

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