Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome to the Jungle!

Hello gamers,
I hope all is well in the worlds of games (especially Nexus). For this installment of Zilvis rambles and hopefully makes a point i'm going to talk about gamer humanity. OK so your either like, "I HAVE PLENTY OF HUMANITY!" Or your like, "I don't see many cats n dogs gaming?!" That's because you are a sarcastic troll sir.:) Seriously though what i'm referencing is basic human decency toward our fellow gamers.
 I know many out there are decent,some even more so then others. One constant is though that for every kind and polite gamer there's one or more that may not be so nice.
So i'm an observer,oftentimes in the past I sat back and simply watched conversations in chats and guilds. Yes I chimed in sometimes but I watched alot. For years inevitably came the jokes and snipes and rudeness not needed in something like a MMO. Now I know it's become almost the norm to hop into a new game and instantly go "OH WHAT IS THIS CRAP?!" Now that's maybe the cool thing to do or the go to of calling someone  a name or whatever lame joke from the 90's they can muster. Why has this become a part of 'just another day in the life of an MMO'?
People are by and large amusing, one person who is fun loving and nurturing could share a bus with someone who openly hates animals. 
Back on point is about gamers specifically not the rest of the people out there who have no idea the proper way to have fun. Gamers are cynical, attitude-filled, sarcastic people. The key to all that is the word "people". You log in, check your mail, surf some sites, then decide your gonna do some gaming. Drink prepared you jump into something,now it can be a MMO or a shooter I don't care but your next decisions are what matters. On an average day I'm sure most people can say they are civil and just play the game and log out. I'm really not interested in you types...sorry lol who i'm looking at is you, and you know whom i'm speaking of. 
Obviously i'm speaking to the hardcore trolls, overly rude players, and Mr. my life revolves around creating misery in others! These people irritate me to no end. Lumped in there as side annoyances of course are Bots, Gold Farmers, hackers, and beta leakers. I won't get into detail most know what these people do and it's been talked to death but basically these people suck. 
We all know how to combat these people, report to official sources and wait it out sure. Now often spoken but rarely advice taken is the term, "Don't feed the trolls." Now I get that username: ThIsGaMeBlOwS4356 (Disclaimer: If someone out there has this screen name first off WHY?! Second it was a random name created.) has been ranting on chat for an hour...I get that. I understand he's called people names including  a couple mothers. Let's drag and attach this to Wildstar (finally) we know all this stuff and more but not feeding the fuel that feeds the trolls may be a better term. Bringing attention and acknowledging these people in a public forum gives them power. More people pay attention and the Trolls and such love it. 
I understand there's no way to fully erradicate such things from happening in any game especially MMO's but I say this is a different game, it's definitely a very different community, and different developers. So with the core people in place who can then share the ideals we all have and they can share the ideals forward, hmm that sounds familiar, maybe a more stable and healthy environment for everyone. Keep this in mind everytime you go to type to that name in the chat window while in Wildstar, it's a person on the other end.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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